Lamers Lab

Development of Macrocyclic Peptide Therapeutics


The Lamers Lab is located at the Institute for Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medical Faculty of Leipzig University 


Research focus 

  • Macrocyclic Peptides as therapeutic compounds
    • Structure-activity relationship studies
    • optimization of binding affinities and pharmacokinetic parameter
    • Solid phase peptide synthesis and manual chemical peptide modification
    • in vitro characterization of synthesized peptides with SPR, ELISA, BLI, ITC and more
  • Chemical modified Phage Display generating Macrocyclic Peptides to identify tool compounds and peptide leads 
  • Targeting the Complement System and intrinsic coagulation cascade

Research methods, teaching and personal ones...

... covering a broad spectrum from synthesis as well as in vitro and cell culture.

... extensive teaching experience and published learning materials.

... team player, networking and engaged in the medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical community.

Research output

... peer reviewed research articles.

... oral contribution to conferences.

... book contributions.

... learning material.

Jun. Prof Dr. Christina Lamers

Awards, prices and fellowships

  • Marie Curie Individual Fellowship 2015 call
  • antelope Professorship career development grant 2018
  • Poster prize EFMC ISMC 2018
  • Poster prize EFMC YMCS 2018
  • DMCCB travel grant 2018

Active memberships

  • DPhG since 2005
  • SCS since 2017
  • EFMC YMCS 2020 organizing committee
  • Basel Postdoc Network Retreat 2019 organizing committee